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What it is the smarter, cheaper and more effective way
to advertise your business?

Internet users now use iPads, Android Tablets, Cell Phones, Laptops, GPS and all sorts of new cellular mobile technology in search of local businesses.
Over 90% of internet users use search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, MapQuest to get the information they need and get providers for your needs.
We, in Power-Listing.com offer a professional service optimization and search engine submission for your website. Thus you. It will improve in the rankings and get more quality traffic directed to your website.
To achieve this, Power-Listing.com offer:

  • Keyword Research: From how to find the words and phrases most appropriate for your business and you get a higher return visits.
  • Overall optimization of your site: Applying best practices in SEO to attract more qualified visitors. Using keywords and phrases on each page, the list applied to optimize the search engine. We recommend changes to the content to make it more friendly to search engines and get better rankings.
  • Optimization outside the pages: Campaigns increase links to your website. Using SEO tools.

To achieve our goal, click below:

Power Listing Basic

• Yellow Pages Advertising – It is part of the past, and nobody uses.
• Newspapers Ads – It is very expensive and publications are becoming ever thinner as the Internet grows.
• Google, Yahoo and Bing (Pay Per Click Advertising) – Too expensive and competitive for most companies

Get your business to appear in local online directories, is part of the results. Internet users undertake more than 2.45 million searches for local businesses this year.
Add your company on popular sites such as Angie's List - Think Local - Mapquest - Yelp - Yahoo Local - Google Plus and many more

SEO: We connect 10 links from sites with good reputation to improve your Page Rank.

Review Sites: Many of these sites premit Customer Reviews: Google +, Angie's List and Yelp. We configure these pages so that potential customers can choose from the competition and give advice to stop Reviews

Achieving be among the first in the search results takes time, and is a complex process requiring high technical knowledge and conscience of the contents of the variables that affect it, but certainly worth the effort.

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